Burkesville Gas Company has been a local distributor of natural gas to the community of Burkesville, Kentucky and neighboring areas for over 30 years. 


Through the years, we have been committed to providing quality care. We hold on to traditional values such as honesty, reliability, and hard work. Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities at Burkesville Gas Co.


We work hard to offer our best to you and supply  dependable, safe energy for your home. We are proud to have served the community for so many years and look forward to many more. If you are interested in learning more about what switching to natural gas with us can do for you, contact us with the information below.

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PO Box 69, Burkesville KY 42717

119 Upper River St. Burkesville KY 42717




Change of Address (Here)

Dial “811” or Kentucky 811 at 800‐752‐6007

DOT statistics show the majority of pipeline damage is caused by third parties digging near buried pipelines. “Third parties” are contractors & excavators, landscapers & fence builders, and land owners that are not controlled by the utility or its contractors. Thirdparty damage can be prevented by getting utility locates from One‐Call.

Kentucky law requires anyone planning to dig or excavate to get information on type, location and depth of all underground facilities in the area by submitting a locate request to the Kentucky 811‐Call Center. The excavator must notify the Kentucky 811‐Call center at least two full working days before beginning work. The 811‐Call Center will notify member utilities with buried lines in the area. A Burkesville Gas Company representative will determine if the project is near its pipelines and send someone to clearly mark the location of its buried pipelines.

• Call before you dig!